How to Choose the Right Indoor Bounce House For You

Rain, hail or shine, bounce houses are such a great parent hack for entertaining kids through all kinds of weather.

As many of you are bracing cooler weather or other environmental factors that can limit kids from playing outdoors, we want to emphasize how fun indoor bounce play can be!

To help you find the right bounce house for your indoor space, here are a few things to consider.

1. Size

Depending on the amount of indoor space available, first measure the area where you intend to inflate the bounce house. Most of our customers prefer the living room or basement.

For smaller spaces, we recommend smaller bounce houses. These range between 11ft L x 9ft W x 7ft H and are designed for both indoor and outdoor play.

small indoor bounce house

Larger spaces with higher ceilings can accommodate medium to large bounce houses. Large garage’s are also the perfect place for long obstacle course bouncers. Be sure to place a tarp or protective fabric on the base when used on rough surfaces.

medium large indoor bounce house

Pro Tip: Always measure your space before purchasing to ensure the bounce house fits with room for play.

2. Features

If your kids are extra active and enjoy ball play, small-medium size bounce houses with ball pits are also great for indoors. It’s perfect for multiple players and make a great activity for rainy or snowy days.

small medium bounce house with ball pit

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