Best Age For Children’s Bounce Houses

Bounce houses have become such a popular children’s activity over the years, especially during the pandemic when parent’s were desperately looking for something to entertain their kids at home.

daydreamer cotton candy bounce house kids
via Instagram @ninzeey DayDreamer Cotton Candy Bounce House

The question we get the most often is, which bounce house is most suitable for my family?

Our bounce houses have a recommended minimum age of 3 years and can be used by kids up to 12-13 years old. There are a variety of bounce house sizes that will suite kids of all ages.

3-5 year olds

Younger kids 3-5 years old will be more suited to a small to medium sized bounce house (roughly 8ft x 8ft). They come with standard features such as a basketball hoop and netting for safety. Kids around this age will start to develop and learn basic gross motor skills. The bounce house will assist in their journey by building confidence when jumping, climbing, crawling and also throwing (basketball hoop and ball play).

rainbow unicorn bounce house
Rainbow Unicorn Bounce House

6-10 year olds

6-10 year olds will likely require something bigger and more challenging. This is where our larger bounce houses come into play. The size of these bounce houses are between 16ft x 13ft, which requires a larger space to inflate. Most families enjoy these outdoors and are often used for parties because of the number of kids it can accomodate. These are a multi-player’s dream!

medieval bounce castle kids play
via Instagram @japinaychi Medieval Bounce Castle

With a larger bounce area and surface to play, additional features are added for extra fun. These features include: obstacles, tunnels, ball pits, climbing walls, dart games, and double to triple slides.

At 5-6 years old, kids start brain development and these additional features will help them develop problem solving skills. They are also more precise in throwing and running, which they can practice and hone in on their skills through the obstacle courses, ball pits, tunnels and climbing walls.

obstacle pro-racer bounce house with dual slides
via Instagram @caitlinholli Inflatable Bouncer Obstacle Pro-Racer Combo Slides

Overall there are a variety of bounce houses that can suite kids in all age groups. Choosing the right one is all about preference, while taking in consideration of their developmental needs. Our dedicated team at Bounceland are super passionate about helping kids build confidence in play. We are always there to assist in finding the perfect bounce house for your little one.