Chicago Tribune – Best of the Best Bounce Houses

Chicago Tribune shares their top 3 bounce houses, featuring our Pop Star Bounce house with Slide, to maintain an active lifestyle for kids, as well as tips on choosing the right model for your needs!

“A bounce house is a great way for kids to burn off some of that excess energy they always have in abundance. But beyond that, a bounce house teaches children that an active lifestyle is a whole lot of fun, and, if you get knocked down, just get up again and jump right back into the action.

You’ll want to get a bounce house that is large enough to meet the needs of your growing children. Those needs include having ample bouncing space and adequate weight and capacity limits. A brightly colored bounce house that has an additional activity, such as a slide or a basketball hoop, adds another level of fun and interest for your kids. The Bounceland Pop Star is built to last and can safely fit three children at a time.

Best of the best: Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House

pop star bounce house slide chicago tribune pressOur take: This inflatable bouncy playhouse features a safety mesh on all sides to keep kids from bouncing out of the play area. It is best for children under ten, comfortably fitting three inside the bounce zone at one time.

What we like: The PVC coating makes this bounce house more durable while the slide has an additional hook-and-loop-secured surface that can be attached for a better experience. A basketball hoop is located inside the unit for added fun.”

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