Easy Ways to Clean Your Bounce House – Step by Step Guide

We’ve got you covered in this simple step by step guide to help you keep a well maintained bounce house. A well taken care of bounce house will ensure that your kids will have endless amounts of playtime for years to come. Now read ahead to learn how to properly clean and maintain your child’s favorite inflatable.

Cleaning is an important step when owning a bounce house. It should be done at regular intervals or after heavy party usage. With the ever so popular pastel and light colored bouncers on the market right now, it gives more reason to take upkeep seriously and ensure it stays looking spick & span for hours of play.

kids bounce house cleaning guide

Step 1

Clean any visible pieces of debris, such as grass, dirt or small rocks, by brushing if off or with a vacuum. This will make the next steps much quicker and easier.

Step 2

Use a mild soap or all purpose cleaner on areas that have stains. We recommend using a soft brush or rag to gently scrub the area. With a little bit of elbow grease, most stains will lift off in no time. This step is especially crucial for pastel or light colored bounce houses that are regularly used outdoors.

Step 3

For multi player bounce houses that get a lot of heavy usage (birthday parties, family gatherings etc), here’s an extra step to keep it free from germs and bacteria. Use a disinfectant spray or alcohol wipes to give the bounce house an all over clean. It will stay smelling fresh for the next time you inflate it.

Step 4

Let it dry! This step is just as important as steps 1-3. Keep the bounce house inflated and place it in a sunny area to allow it to dry completely before storing it away. This will allow all the seams to dry and prevent any mold or mildew from forming. Now, all you got to do is deflate and fold it back into the provided storage bag.

kids bounce house cleaning guide

Following these steps will lengthen the lifespan of your bounce house. Keeping a clean bounce house also means that you’ll be able to capture lots of amazing photos and make them instagram worthy.

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