Shop Early for Holiday Gifts – Inflatable Toys

Holiday season is fast approaching, and there’s no better time then to shop early this year to avoid missing out on sought after children’s toys.

Here are some advantages for shopping early:

  • Non-inflated prices
  • Plenty of inventory
  • In time for holiday gifting

The supply chain crisis at the ports mean that inventory will be low during the holiday buying rush. In partnership with the Toy Association, we encourage to #shopearly4toys to ensure the kids get the gifts they want in time.

For the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends that are looking to get the perfect gift for kids, here are our tips on shopping inflatables for the holiday season.

1. Choosing the right size

Bounceland Inflatables come in a variety of sizes. From 1-2 player bouncers up to 5+ players. Looking for the right bounce house depends on the number of kids that will happily play on it.

Our smaller bouncers are recommended for younger kids. The Wizard Magic Bouncer and Rainbow Unicorn Bounce House are amongst our most popular 1-2 player inflatables.

If you’re looking for our larger bouncers, which are great for kids to grow into, we recommend the Royal Palace Bounce House and Pop Star Bounce House.

royal palace bounce house with slide best seller

2. Choosing the style of inflatable

As important as choosing the right size bouncer for the kids, deciding on which style of inflatable you’d like to purchase is the next step.

For the warmer climates, kids will love our water slides, which all have a pool for extra cool time.

In the bounce house category, there are 2 options: classic bouncer and obstacle bouncers. Our classic bouncers feature an extra bouncy bounce floor and slide. The obstacle bouncers have added challenges such as obstacle blocks, climbing walls, ball pits and velcro dart game. They are perfect for active kids.

If you’re trying to decide between a bounce house and a water slide, we’ve got you covered. Our wet or dry combos are the perfect choice. These feature a bounce area with slide that can be used wet or dry, simply attach the water hose/spray (included in the package) and its a water slide and bounce house in one.

jump and splash adventure bounce house kids play

The Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House can be used wet or dry and features a spacious bounce area, slide and splash pool

3. Maintaining your inflatable

Buying an inflatable is an investment, so keeping it in tip top shape means it will last for years to come.

We recommend checking the inflatable as soon as you receive it to establish if there are any manufacturer defects. If there are, it will covered by our 90 day limited warranty. We want you to be satisfied with our products and ensure kids have a great time playing on it.

To maintain the longevity of your inflatable, there are a couple of things that will ensure it lasts.

Bounce Houses

We recommend placing a large tarp or similar material underneath the bounce house if the ground is rough, as sticks, stones and other debris may puncture the floor while in use. If you are inflating over a grassy area, then there is no need to place a tarp underneath.

Once you are ready to deflate, make sure to clean any dirt or debris off the bounce house before packing away in the carry bag that is provided.

Water Slides

Place tarp or similar material underneath the water slide if you are inflating on a non-grassy area to avoid any punctures.

Prior to deflating, empty all the water out from the pool area and detach the water hose. Run the blower for about an hour with the water slide placed in a sunny area. This helps get all the water out from the seams and avoids mold and mildew from forming. Once the water slide is completely dry, wipe down any dirt or debris before packing away in the carry bag that is provided. A more detailed post about maintaining your water slide can be found here.

single water slide