Water Slide Tips & Tricks for a great Summer!

Owning an inflatable water slide is a great investment for your kids, and can be used all year round, especially in the warmer states. It’s becoming quite a popular children’s item for families, as it is easy to set up, quick to inflate and can be folded down for storage. Gone are they days of visiting amusement water parks as these inflatables can be inflated in less than a minute in the comfort of your own backyard. It allows kids to enjoy outdoor play and a cool relief from the summer heat.

double water slide funBounceland Double Water Slide

All Bounceland water slides come with removable water sprays, which means kids can enjoy both wet or dry play. After the kids enjoy a day of sliding and splashing, it’s super important to dry the water slide properly to prevent mold, mildew and odors. Regular maintenance also ensures that the water slide stays in a great condition so the kids can enjoy it for years to come.

With summer fast approaching here are some tips & tricks for maintaining your water slide.

  • Protect the Water Slide base with vinyl tarp. If you are inflating your water slide on rough ground or worried about sticks and stones that may puncture the base, we recommend placing a large vinyl tarp or similar material underneath before inflation. This tarp will protect the base from punctures and scratches from rough surfaces or debris.
  • Remove water spray when packing up. Detaching the water spray before you dry and roll up the water slide will keep the water spray/hose from bending in the process and also prevents punctures to the inflatable.
  • Hose the water slide to clean. Before deflating and drying, hose off any mud, grass or debris that may be stuck on the water slide. Get it as clean as possible before you dry and start the deflation process.
  • Thoroughly dry the water slide. This is a super important step as it will prevent any mold or mildew from forming. Firstly remove the water from the pool area by gently tipping it out from the edge. Our tip is to place the water slide in a sunny area and leave the blower running for about an hour to thoroughly dry out all the areas before completely deflating. You can also use a dry towel and wipe up any areas that are visibly wet to help with the drying process. Only pack away once the water slide is completely dry.
  • Clean with mild soap and water. If the water slide needs a clean, use only mild soap with warm water to wipe over areas of concern and ensure that it is completely dry before packing away.
  • Store in a cool dry place. Once the water slide is completely dry and deflated, carefully fold and store in the bag provided. We recommend a cool dry place to avoid any damage to the material as well as to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Bounceland Shark Tank Water with Dual Slides and Pool

Following these tips will help increase the life of your water slide as well as keeping the kids happy and safe. If you have any additional questions on how to maintain your water slide or need advice on a specific topic, please contact us at info@bouncelandfun.com