Ways to entertain kids in summer with inflatables

The long awaited summer break is here, which means finding activities to keep the kids busy and entertained. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors and encourage kids to play socially before starting the new school year. Many parents struggle to find ways to keep kids busy and active during summer break. To curb boredom, inflatable bounce houses and water slides are an easy kids toy to set up for instant fun!

Bounce houses & water slides are an investment that will sure create many happy memories, while also encouraging the kids to develop their confidence in social play, as well as physical play. They can work on their gross motor skills and build confidence in jumping, sliding, climbing, shooting hoops and throwing. These are skills that are regularly used when playing on an inflatable and are a part of its features.

There are actually many ways to enjoy inflatables in during summer.

1. Portable Party

Bring the party where ever you go! Inflatables are super easy to pack away and store. All Bounceland inflatables come with its own carrying bag with strong handles that can be easily transported. Set it up in your friend’s backyard and and watch the kids have their own fun. It’s a great way for kids to practice social play and allow them to enjoy some screen-free playtime.

@sparklingkt inflatable water slide party
Image via Instagram @sparklingkt (featuring Bounceland Single Water Slide)

2. Pool Party (adults welcome)

Water slides are a great way to cool down during the summer months. While the slide feature can safely accommodate the weight of a child, the pool area in a large water park is for everyone. Water parks allow the whole family to enjoy the pool feature and makes a great addition to any party. It’s a great way to beat the heat and it’s easy to inflate and pack away in the colder months.

@prettylifegirls water slide summer
Image via Instagram @prettylifegirls (featuring Bounceland Cascade Water Slide)

3. Obstacle Course

Own more than 1 inflatable? A fun way to incorporate both during playtime is to line them where the entrance or exit of the inflatable meets and it automatically turns into the best obstacle course. This will keep the kids busy and help burn off some that energy.

@prettylifegirls shows how it’s done! Joining both the Cascade Water Slide with the Bounce ‘N Splash Wet or Dry to create a magical water obstacle course that encourages kids to use their gross motor skills while enjoying some outdoor fun.

obstacle course inflatable bounce house water slide
Image via Instagram @prettylifegirls (watch via link)